I was born in South Moravia, Czechia, in a village where there is still alive the love not only to wine but also to art. I was surrounded by it since childhood. And apart from that also by faith.

I came to illustration after a long search of what I want to do in my life. Initially I devoted myself to painting and photography in the field of art. I discovered the beauty of illustration when I was 20. In my first work I was mostly inspired and I still am by my beloved North. I felt in love with it thanks to my journey to Iceland. Since then nature is my main theme. After a year-long stay in a school of evangelisation in France I decided to focus also on Christian work.

I am a self-taught in many things. Actually in almost all things. More than school it is the experience that teaches me in life – mainly my failings. But without them I wouldn't be where I am now, I know this for sure. I jumped a bit headlong into illustration but I know it has a purpose. And that purpose is to bring joy... and Joy.